数控多士炉 滚动图像可放大  

2 Slice Digital Toaster

型号: 22702-CN

为厨房空间选择合适的油漆色调可能不太容易,但是选择您喜欢的烤面包烘烤色度并非如此。为了消除依靠猜测的工作,我们创造了 Hamilton Beach® 汉美驰数控多士炉。此款数控多士炉带有九个烘烤色度设置,烘烤程度选择按钮范围为轻度 (1) 到深度 (9)。


Hamilton Beach® 汉美驰数控多士炉配有烤面包拨杆功能,可将面包片从多士炉中顶起,从而容易取出较小的面包片。如果食物被卡住,自动关闭功能将在当前程序末自动关闭多士炉。

此款受欢迎多士炉外壳采用防污磨砂银面板制造,因此不会留下操作的手印。所以可放心将它放到您的厨房台面上整洁使用。兼具时尚和多功能 …这才是 Good Thinking®。

无论您喜欢烤出何种色度的面包圈、英式松饼或原味土司,Hamilton Beach® 汉美驰数控多士炉都可按您最喜欢的方式烤出您想要的效果。易于读取的数字显示屏提供九个不同的烘烤色度设置。对于工匠面包,可使用高色度设置达到外皮松脆的烘烤效果;或选择一面使用低色度设置加热您喜欢的面包圈。

是否您曾遇到过将冷冻的华夫饼外皮都已烘烤到金黄色,但是发现饼内部还是凉的,对于这个问题,您会喜欢上 Hamilton Beach® 汉美驰数控多士炉内置的解冻设置。此功能可加时让食品解冻和热透,进行深度加热和烘烤。

Hamilton Beach® 汉美驰数控多士炉兼具时尚和实用的特点。
作为必不可少的厨房电器,Hamilton Beach® 汉美驰数控多士炉设计精美、外形紧凑并且品质可靠。此外,某些型号的多士炉配有解冻设置,可一步完成解冻和烘烤;或配有面包圈设置,可烘烤切割面和加热四周。

Hamilton Beach® 汉美驰数控多士炉坚固耐用、性能稳定,始终为您提供均匀一致的烹饪效果。某些型号的多士炉配备了智能功能,如 SureGuard™ 防震加热元件,保护您及您家人的安全。

Choosing the right shade to paint your kitchen may be difficult, but choosing your favorite shade of toast shouldn’t be. To eliminate the guesswork, we’ve created the Hamilton Beach® 2 Slice Digital Toaster. This digital toaster comes with nine shade choices so you can choose the first setting for light toast, the ninth setting for dark toast, or any setting you desire in between.

Toast is just the beginning. Extra wide slots make this ideal for bagels or slices of artisan bread. A special bagel button allows to you toast only one side of a cut bagel, English muffin or bun if you prefer. Frozen waffles or pancakes aren’t a problem thanks to a defrost button which allows additional time for the food to thaw and heat through.

The Hamilton Beach® 2 Slice Digital Toaster is equipped with a toast boost feature, giving breads a high lift to make it easier to reach small slices. And if  food gets jammed, an automatic shutoff feature will turn the toaster off at the end of its cycle.

This attractive toaster is made with a smudgeproof brushed silver finish that won’t show fingerprints. So go ahead and keep it on the counter. Stylish and versatile …now that’s Good Thinking®.

Pick Your Own Shade
Whether you’re enjoying a bagel, English muffin or plain toast, the Hamilton Beach® 2 Slice Digital Toaster will help prepare it the way you like best. The digital display is easy to read and offers nine different toast shade settings. For artisan breads, toast at a high setting for a crunchy outside or choose one side on low to warm your favorite bagel.

Don’t Fret Over Frozen Foods
If you’ve ever toasted a frozen waffle to a golden brown on the outside only to find the inside still cold, you will appreciate the built-in defrost setting on the Hamilton Beach® 2 Slice Digital Toaster. This feature allows additional time for the food to thaw and heat through for more even warming and toasting.

Hamilton Beach® Toasters offer a stylish take on a practical necessity.
A kitchen essential, Hamilton Beach® Toasters are attractively designed, compact and reliable. In addition, some toasters offer a defrost setting that defrosts and toasts in a single step or a bagel setting that toasts the cut side and warms the round side.

Hamilton Beach® Toasters are built to last and engineered to provide uniform, consistent results with every use. Plus, several toasters feature smart additions like SureGuard™ shock-resistant heating elements to offer you and your family added peace of mind.

    • 不会留下操作手印的防污磨砂银面板
    • 数字显示屏直观显示烘烤色度设置,易于设置操作
    • 可提升烤面包拨杆方便取出较小的面包片
    • 带有方便清洁的滑出式屑盘 
    • 超宽插槽
    • 附带烤面包加热器和防尘盖


    尺寸(英寸):7.78 高 x 6.83 宽 x 11.17 深

    • Smudge proof brushed silver finish won't show fingerprints
    • Digital display shows toast shade setting at a glance & is easy to program
    • High-lift toast boost makes it easier to reach small slices
    • Easy cleanup with slide-out crumb tray 
    • Extra-wide slots
    • Includes Bun Warmer and Dust Cover


    Dimensions (inches): 7.78 H x 6.83 W X 11.17 D

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